Can we re-translate [Insert Title] into our language?
  • Of course! However, it's on a first come first serve basis for each language. Some titles we can't give authorization for various reasons. Reasons can include: scans do not belong to us, also some projects are joints so you would also have to ask permission from the other party as well. Please check this page before you send an e-mail [Master List]Finally, all we ask in return is to not remove our credit pages. 
Can I announce your releases?
  • Yes please! I will forever be grateful if you do! m(_ _)m
Can I share your release?
  • Of course! However please keep the credit pages and link back to us. 
Can you do [Insert title/manga-ka]?
  • At the moment we take requests as long the title falls into type of manga we work with (romance being the central focus). However, if you can provide good quality raw scans it will help in getting to your request faster.
When is the next chapter of [insert title] going to be released?
  • Generally we will try to do 1-2 releases every 2-3 weeks.  We are all busy with real life so anything can happen but we will do our very best to bring you releases as quickly as possible.٩(◦`ω´◦)و 
Can I help you out?
  • Yes! Please check our recruitment page [here] for open positions!